• With gorgeous flowers blooming in Dallas-Fort Worth and Spring in the air, how could we be anything but inspired? We’ve taken Mother Nature’s lead and have refreshed our newsletter design to give you a simple and easy format to find exactly what matters to you. As always, it’s our goal to provide you with timely, […]

  • Quite simply, having a DMCP on your DMC team gives you Peace of Mind of knowing that certified industry professionals have your back. So, what does the DMCP acronym mean? It stands for Destination Management Certified Professional, and it is the DMC industry’s top professional certification. To earn this certification, an individual must have at […]

  • Both organizations are excellent resources for destination information in an unfamiliar location; however, each provides its own unique benefits to meeting professionals. Convention & Visitors Bureaus (CVBs) are not-for-profit organizations that are generally funded by local hotel occupancy taxes. They are frequently membership driven and represent area hotels, convention centers, venues, restaurants, and other tourism […]

  • When working with a DMC, do I have to utilize all of their services or can I just pick one service, like team-building?  Great question! You can select one, any, or all of the services that a DMC provides. If you are only in need of a team-building activity or airport transportation for your group, […]

  • Over the years, we’ve learned that the destination management industry is a mystery to many. If you have questions about DMCs and what in the world we do, you’re not alone. (Even our own friends and family have a hard time grasping the services we provide!) In an effort to shed some light on our […]

  • For more than 23 years, we’ve been bringing guests to Dallas to show them the city we love and adore. After the tragedy in Dallas last week, we can’t help but feel immense pride for our city, the people living in it, and those that protect it. We encourage you to read the recent blog […]